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Learn to surf
in Bali

Surf school in Canggu, Bali

Hi! I’m Gustaf,
your private Surf coach

Hey there! I’m Gustaf, your private surf instructor here in Bali, ready to take you on an epic surfing adventure! Whether you’re a newbie or an intermediate, I’ve got you covered.

Imagine gliding effortlessly across Bali’s pristine waves, feeling safe with someone always by your side, sharing my passion for the ocean and my knowledge of the best breaks and technique. Every session is tailored just for you, so you can learn at your own pace and level up your skills easily.

But it’s not just about surfing—it’s about forming a deep connection with the sea and creating memories that last a lifetime. I’m here to not only teach you the pop up, paddeling and turning but also to share the joy and respect I have for these beautiful waters.

So, let’s ditch the crowds and dive into an unforgettable surf experience together. Book your session now and let’s catch some waves in Bali!

Private Lessons starting from 350 000 IDR / 2hours

Which Level are you?

I offer private surfing lessons in Bali, tailored to individual skill levels and personal preferences.


Your beginner surf lesson is designed to introduce you to the basics of surfing in a fun and supportive environment. You’ll learn essential skills such as paddling, popping up on the board, and catching your first waves. With personalized instruction and a focus on safety, my goal is to help you gain confidence in the water and start your surfing journey on the right foot. No prior experience is necessary—just bring your enthusiasm and a sense of adventure!

Advanced Beginner

Your advanced beginner surf lesson is perfect for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to take their skills to the next level. You’ll work on improving your paddling technique, refining your pop-up, and learning to ride unbroken waves. This lesson is designed to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate levels, setting you up for continued progression in your surfing journey.


Your intermediate private lesson is tailored for surfers who are comfortable catching waves and are ready to refine their skills. You’ll focus on advanced techniques such as turning and maneuvering on the wave face. With personalized coaching, I’ll help you improve your wave selection and positioning. This lesson aims to enhance your confidence and performance, preparing you to tackle more challenging waves and progress to an advanced level.


The kids‘ surf lesson offers a unique and personalized introduction to surfing for young surfers. With one-on-one instruction, your child will receive undivided attention, ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment. They’ll learn the basics of paddling, popping up, and riding waves tailored to their skill level. I’ll focuses on providing a fun and memorable experience designed specifically for your child’s needs and abilities.

Learn to surf with a local

The Surf Lessons

All Lessons include board rental and rashguard at the spot as well as drinking water. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

1. Spot and time

After our first contact I’ll check the conditions for your preferred surfing day to give you an information about the best spot next to you. We will meet directly at the beach.

2. Safety Instructions

Safety instruction is an important part of the surf lessons. Before practising in the water, I’ll tell you all about the safety guidelines, including understanding the ocean conditions.

3. Time to surf

After the introduction and practising your pop up at the beach you are ready to go into the water. I’ll always stay by your side to give you a safe feeling.

4. Feedback

Feedback is an integral part of our surf lessons. After each session, I provide personalized feedback to help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement.


I welcome inquiries for surfing lessons via whatsapp / phone. I am flexible with both time and location, ensuring that we can arrange the perfect session that fits your schedule and preferred spot. Feel free to contact me anytime to plan your personalized surfing experience in Bali.

+62 852 304 13853

Happy me

Happy Customers


„We met Gustaf at Kuta beach, and as he introduced himself as surf coach I was very happy to book a lesson with him. The price was more than fair and the quality much better than at our Hotel. I felt safe all the time and had a very good time, managed to stand some waves even in the first lesson. I would reccomend & will come back.“



For me Gustaf has the perfect mixture as a surfing teacher. I feel really safe with him and he helps me to improve my skills and sees my strengths. I rode a few nice green waves and he supported me every minute. It’s really nice to have your own surfing teacher who can focus just on you.


Gustaf Private Surf Instructor

Don’t forget to smile  😉


+62 852 304 13853





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